Adoption Success Story

"Vinay Narkhede : Adopting Parent"

My name is Vinay Narkhede and I am here to tell you about my exhilarating experience of adopting a girl child. I had always wanted to adopt and after my first son was born, my wife and I decided that our second child will be a daughter and we would adopt her.Telling our family was not hard because they are quite open minded and they welcomed the idea. However other people did start asking us questions about why we were adopting when both of us were in perfect health. Our mind set at the time was to give a needy child a good environment to grow up in instead of bringing another child into this world. We registered for adoption in April 2016 and even know the process is tedious, it is definitely worth it. We got calls from many Institutions as soon as a child was up for adoption. One Institute I'd like to point out in Daman, where we actually liked the girl but the institution talked down to us and that was a bad experience. However, instead of all the ups and downs we actually met our daughter Aarya due to a special feature on the site which is called immediate placement. As soon as we saw her picture, we knew that she may our future daughter. We went to the village where her orphanage was and in one meeting we decided, that we would like to adopt her. The bond betwern my wife and Aarya was magical and really surprising. She connected to my wife in the first meeting and when we actually went to get her, she jumped towards my wife and clung to her. That's when we knew that she was the right fit for our family. She was 15 months old when we brought her into our house in November 2016 and she was a little undernourished but after around 5 months of healthy eating she started achieving all the milestones which were normal for her age. It is a little risky when you adopt because you don't know the background of the child and also there is a concern for the child's health but all of these obstacles can be overcome woth modern medicine Aarya has now become a part of our family and we won't have it any other way. She is a perfect naughty little sister to her elder brother and a perfect child to us. When we adopt we feel that we are doing a favour to an orphan.Actually she is an angel who has changed our lived and brought unlimited happiness and joy. Manyple prefer to raise their own child but to give a child in need a nurturing and secure childhood is a gift. Now I know some people might not agree with this ideology, but it is incredible how a little help and support can affect these children's lives and how quickly they can adapt to any family. If your partner and you are in perfect health, our family would still suggest that you look up options of adoption, not only are you giving that child a chance for a normal life but you get a wholesome family, an amazing journey and an incredible lifechanging experience.

Adoption Success Story

"Anonymous : Adopting Parent"

After waiting for 3-4 years my daughter in law expressed her desire to adopt a child. She was not ready to take further intensive and expressed her desire to adopt a child. She was rather eager to give a happily home to a homeless child. She discussed this issue with us and we happy accepted her suggestion, because I believe that there is an instruct in every woman to take any child, who needs her love, her own. After fulfilling all the formalities, we saw Mukta (name changed) and we liked her instantly and decided to bring her home. Her home coming was a happy moment for all of us, though we were somewhat anxious. Today after more than 10 years, all my anxieties are vanished. Mukta is a grown up girl with her own opinion & positive attitude and loving nature. She is intelligent studies and smart. She is good she loves all of us and we to love her very much. One last thing I would like to share is that, after few years, my daughter-in-law gave birth to a baby boy. Mukta is very affectionate towards her brother looks after him any cares for him. Now she is the source of energy and backbone of my son's family.

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