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"Umeed" is adoption guidance and parenting counseling organization. We provide services like end to end assistance in legal adoption procedure and Parenting and Kids/ Adolescent Counseling.

Steps to adopt a child

1. Embracing the Fact
Each and every child deserves a "forever" family to be there for them every day for providing love and guidance. Adoption brings amazing joys and rewards, but it is a long-term commitment. It begins with the acceptance of fact that the Child is own irrespective of the fact if it is biological or Adopted.
Before you get started, it's very important to educate yourself about the adoption process and the various laws and regulations that have an effect on the journey. Part of your research process will also include the list of action items on you- What kind of Documents would be required for Adoption,Undertaking Medical Tests for Self , Pre-Adoption Counselling,Financial Planning and determining the type of Adoption.
The Central Adoption Resource Authority (normally referred by its acronym CARA) has created a centralised system for adoptions across India. Irrespective of the village, town, city, or state a person lives in,the person wishing to adopt a child needs to register on the online portal called Carings on the CARA website.
Home studies are a required step for all potential adoptive families, regardless of what kind of adoption program you have decided to pursue. A home study is comprised of a series of meetings with a social worker to determine your eligibility as an adoptive family. You will have to provide certain documents as well as undergo at least one in-home visit with all members of your family present. The goal of a home study is to ensure that you and your family are able to meet the needs of a child added through adoption.
Online Acceptance of Child within 48 Hours. If accepted, the adoption process moves through the remaining necessary steps toward the goal of placement of the child into the family. You can now take your Child Home on Foster Care. The timeline from a completed home study to receiving a referral can be unpredictable and varies by the specific adoption program chosen.
Once you have accepted the referral for your child, there will be final paperwork to complete to finish the legal process leading up to the placement of your child with your family. Once the process is Complete , the Child will be Legaly and permanently yours!
This begins the biggest and most important step in the adoption process – being a family! Adoption does not end after the legal process is finalized, but is a lifelong journey that you and your family will continue to learn from.
Post completion of the adoption, the agency needs to submit follow up reports to the court on the child's well-being. This may continue for 2 years. Change about from last tab and the content below the image by this one: "Umeed" is adoption guidance and parenting counseling organization. We provide servicecs like end to end assistance in legal adoption Procedure and Parenting and kids.Adoscelent Counseling.

Waiting Parents

Currently there are about 16,000 parents registered for adoption with CARA, with only less than 2,000 children.

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